There are many choices for marine engine service and repair. That’s why we work hard to earn your trust and your continued business.

  1. Experience: Having the experience to handle whatever comes to us is an important part of the customer service that we offer. We have served the marine engine and electrical service industry for over 25 years and can handle almost anything that comes our way.
  2. Long-Standing Reputation: We have built our reputation on delivering quality work, high reliability, honesty, and outstanding customer service.
  3. Management: We’ve found that good management delivers good results. We strive to make sure that every service project is well-managed from the time the boat arrives until it leaves us.
  4. Experienced Technicians: Good work requires good people and we have the best available. We hire only the most experienced and trained service technicians.
  5. High Quality Products: We have worked with almost all engine and generator systems over the past 25 years. We’ve chosen to represent a select number of manufacturers who have a proven reputation for high quality product and service excellence.
  6. Focus: We know what we do best and don’t try to over-reach. We have found that it works best for us to remain focused solely on engine and electrical services.
  7. Guaranteed Work: We stand 100 percent behind our products and our workmanship. Be sure and ask us about our guarantees.
  8. References: Our customers are our most important asset and will willingly provide references.

Gallery Marine Services

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Telephone: 206-547-2477
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