Regular maintenance of your boat is the best way to maintain the investment you’ve made. Gallery Marine can assist you in keeping your investment in peak running condition.

Regardless of the size of your boat, Gallery Marine can establish a service program that will meet your long term needs. Our customized programs can cover regular service based on engine hours as well as regular inspections of all operating systems. We can handle one-time service calls, annual services, or anything in between.

Your engine needs basic maintenance in order to run efficiently:

  • Oil: We recommend that your engine oil and transmission fluid be changed a minimum of once per year or more often depending on manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Fuel: Dirt and water are the most common factors that can cause problems with your engine’s fuel system because clean fuel is a necessity for proper engine operation. Fuel filters, fuel lines, and siphon valves need to be checked on a regular basis. Fuel filter should be changed at least once per year.
  • Air: Your engine needs lots of air to run. Regular servicing of the air intake system including the flame arrester, carburetor, and filters are essential to effective operation of your engine.
  • Cooling: Proper cooling of your engine is mandatory. Components to maintain and inspect include: engine coolant condition, sea strainers, water pumps, impellers, heat exchangers, oil coolers, hoses, exhaust manifolds/risers, and other related items that can adversely affect adequate cooling capabilities.
  • Other: Depending on your engine type, regular maintenance items may include: injectors, spark plugs, belts, ignition components, zincs, flame arrestors, air filters, shaft alignment, valve adjustments, and other basic maintenance as needed.